About Westbrook

Our Philosophy

Mark Westbrook’s philosophy is simple. Based on Buddhist principles he believes in beauty, balance and harmony in the world. The Westbrook salon is an oasis of beauty and calm while still exuding a creative vibe.

The team at Westbrook aim to bring beauty into the life of every client as soon as they walk through the salon door. They see each person as an individual and therefore unique, and work closely with every client to help them find their own unique style. Their mission is to ensure that every client leaves feeling fabulous, confident and exhilarated.



Our Salon ‘The Workshop’

A renowned hairdresser for over 25 years, Mark started the Westbrook salon in 1995. After meeting John Sahag in New York in 1998 and subsequently training with him, Mark then became the European Art Director for ‘Sahag’. This transatlantic relationship successfully shaped Mark’s career and the creative direction of the future Westbrook salon.

John Sahag was the legendary international hairdresser that developed a radical new way of dry-cutting or ‘Dry Carving’ hair. He created styles for many Hollywood celebrities – Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow. However, he is probably best known for the boy cut he gave Demi Moore for the 1990 film “Ghost,” prompting a trend of short, choppy styles for women.

Mark and his team specialise in ‘Dry Carving’ hair. They continue to develop, experiment and create new styles, making the Westbrook salon into a ‘workshop’.

Westbrook has an innovative team of individually minded creative stylists from different backgrounds. The one thing they have in common is a passion for what they do, and Mark works closely with his team to create their artistic vision of hair design. His philosophy has been embraced by his team, who aim to deliver an impeccable standard of service to every client.

At Westbrook you can expect a chilled fun atmosphere, smiling staff and a great cup of artisan coffee.


“It was the difference from painting by numbers to sketching a haircut by hand, you didn’t cut a haircut, you felt it.”

Edward Tricomi, owner of the Warren-Tricomi salon, New York